#MondayMotivation – Why you should take action today, not tomorrow

#MondayMotivation – Why you should take action today, not tomorrow

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you should do today.

By John Balfe - 4 Nov 2019

We are getting to that time of the year. 

Just a two months remain in 2019 and many of us are beginning to take stock of our athletic pursuits for the year, and whether or not we hit our goals for the last few months. We can react to this in two different ways; keep pushing until the year is out or, if you’re not where you want to be, abandon everything and promise yourself that next year will be different.

But before you loosen up your belt in advance of another Christmas of merriment, mince pies and booze, you must ask yourself if you have placed yourself in the right position and frame of mind to succeed — and below are a few handy bullet points to help you keep pushing for just eight more weeks until the end of the year.

Take Action Today

Your brain won’t always be on your side, when it comes to working out at least. It is all too easy to abandon your workout plans for the day and tell yourself that you will make up for lost time tomorrow. Keep pushing until a you have formed a habit and don’t allow your mind to convince you otherwise.

Learn Something New

This can apply to numerous elements of your life. In the gym, for example, you could look to implement a new exercise to your routine to help break up any monotony which may be setting in. Outside of the gym, learning new skills and having different experiences is crucial to your overall growth as a person.

Improve Your Nutrition

Proper nutrition is fundamental to your overall well-being. You will find lots of guides on these pages as to how best to make positive changes to your diet. Once you do, there are few better ways to increase your general feeling of well-being when coupled with a robust exercise regime.

Develop New Lifestyle Habits

Get up earlier. Go to bed earlier. Eat better and on a regular schedule. Read. Go for walks. See your friends more. Find a new hobby. Be kind to yourself.

Meet New People In New Places

This is where a new hobby comes in. Brazilian jiu-jitsu is just one pursuit you can take which will provide benefits in numerous areas of your life, from your physical and mental well-being to meeting new people and gaining new friends. Sitting on the couch and watching a movie might seem easier, but is is truly the better decision to make?

Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Some of the most beneficial things that you can do in pursuit of self-improvement are hard. If they were easy it kind of defeats the purpose, but once all is said and done you should be in a position where you can truly admit to yourself that sometimes the path less travelled is the best route to take.

Let Go of Things That Aren’t Helping

This can apply to many different facets of your life. If there is a negative influence in your life, perhaps it is time to evaluate its worth. Can you live without it, or can you address why it isn’t working and make it better?