#MondayMotivation – The one month abs workout plan

#MondayMotivation – The one month abs workout plan

Time to achieve that stomach you have always wanted.

By John Balfe - 16 Sep 2019

If you are to ask around, most gym-goers will tell you that gaining a washboard stomach is one of the prime motivations for undertaking a new workout plan.

There are a few different ways to achieve this but they all have one thing in common: a concerted, mapped out system in which you identify your goals and work towards them. Your abs, or indeed your whole core, are fundamental to developing overall strength which will help you with various other types of exercise and a proper plan will engage that aspect of your musculature while fine-tuning your metabolism.

The below techniques will help you switch between pushing and pulling which will delay fatigue in your muscles and allow you to put twice as work in as you might otherwise and if you keep this up three times a week for four weeks, you will see results.

One Arm Parallette Row

Grab a parallette with one arm while in a plank position, while holding a dumbbell with the other with it below your shoulder. Keep your body and back straight. Hold and then lower the weight before switching sides. 4 sets of 10 reps per arm is the goal.

Kettlebell Swing?

The good ol’ kettlebell is a sometimes undervalued element of weight training. Things to keep in mind: make sure your back is straight, keep your torso parallel to the floor and push the weight forward with your hips. You will be looking for 15 sets per arm, four times.

Reverse Lunge

Elevate a kettlebell above your head with your back straight, and lower one knee to the ground while making sure to maintain your posture. You will want to do four sets of 10 per leg.

Mixed Suitcase Carry

Carry one kettlebell above your head and another at arm’s length at your waist and walk forward. Make sure your shoulders and back are tense, while your core should be the same. You will want to do 4 sets of 20 metres each.

Alternating Medicine Ball

Set yourself up into a press up position, but with one hand resting on a medicine ball. Do your press ups as normal with your back straight and tensed core but when you reach full extension, roll the ball to your opposite hand and repeat. 4 sets of 12 is good here.

These five exercises are just scratching the surface of an all encompassing core & abs workout, as there are literally hundreds of other modifications that can be applied but if you’re looking to have the type of stomach that you see some other folks in the gym proudly showing off, this is a pretty darn good place to start.