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Skipping (or jumping) rope is an underutilized workout tool that is often overlooked or abandoned after being initially tricky to athletes. Should trainees stick with the excercise however, they’ll find the activity to offer various benefits simaltaneously.

As discussed on TheMacLife Health, here are a few uses of jumping rope that you’ll find should you start bringing it to your training.

Excellent Calorie Burner

Skipping rope is a brilliant aerobic exercise that burns calories quickly. Since you can determine the speed and intensity of the workout, you can start out slow and build up speed — so long as you practise enough, you’ll find any mistakes becoming less and less frequent.

Builds Agility and Quickness

Skipping builds up your footwork, helping increase agility and quickness — there’s a reason you see boxers and mixed martial artists using it so frequently after all!

Increases Bone Density

It might be small, but every little helps. Repeated impact of your feet hitting the floor will eventually cause your bones to calcify, making them firmer and less likely to break in any small collisions or accidents.

Improves Your Coordination

As with your agility and quickness, jumping rope works coordination. The speed of the rope and timing the intervals all adds up to an increase in practical movement.