Fighting Fit – The seven-minute workout for people on the go

Fighting Fit – The seven-minute workout for people on the go

You might not have an hour to spare but you’re lying to yourself if you say you can’t give less than ten minutes in your pursuit of fitness.

By John Balfe - 3 Sep 2019

We know. Sometimes it is hard to find the time. It happens to all of us.

You can have the absolute best of intentions, the latest gym gear and a membership to your local fitness club but sometimes life, work or anything else connected to this busy society we live in can get in the way.

It is entirely reasonable to understand that it is difficult to siphon off the hour or so needed to warm up, train, warm down, shower and change — but if that seems like an impossibility to fit into your schedule, you can at least give yourself less than ten minutes to maintain your pursuit of physical and mental betterment, right?

Give us seven minutes and get accustomed to the following (each set is one minute long):

High Plank

This is a total body workout. Start in the push-up position with your hands beneath your shoulders and make sure your back is forming a straight line all the way to your heels. Brace your abs and glutes and count to 60.


Another exercise which will engage your core. Lie facing the sky with your legs up, bent to 90 degrees. Brace your abs and lower back as you raise your right arm overhead and left leg to the floor. Hold and the switch.

Full Roll-up

This will aid your functional movement. Lie face-up with your knees bent and feet on the floor. Extend your arms forward while drawing in your naval, one vertabra at a go. Lower until your shoulder blades hit the floor. Hold and repeat.

Tabletop Heel Tap

This is one for your lower abs. Lie face-up with your legs elevated to 90 degrees. Lower your legs making sure your back stays flat on the floor, raise them again and repeat.

Hip Tip Crunch

Life with your face and legs pointed to the ceiling, with your hands behind your head. Lift your hips from the floor and crunch from your torso. Lower your hips but do not release.

Bicycle Crunch 

This will engage your obliques. Again, lie with your back on the ground and hands behind your head. Legs up and bent to 90 degrees. Activate your abs as you extend right leg and twist your torso. Then do the same in reverse.

Quadruped Plank Tap

Now it’s time for something to take the pressure off your spine. Start the position on all fours with your back relaxed. Lift your knee from the floor and touch right hand to left knee, and alternate.