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Among all of the obstacles that you face if you want to keep your body as finely-tuned an instrument as possible, money can be a big one.

Motivation, tiredness, fatigue can all get in the way of your goals but what can you do if you can’t quite afford to keep that gym membership going? Well, luckily for all of us there are myriad activities we can undertake to keep fit which have next to not cost at all which can help us maintain an active, healthy lifestyle even without the benefit of a well-stocked gym.

Go Outside

These summer months can be harnessed an ideal way to develop a new routine. If you’re the running type, find a scenic route which works for you and use one of the numerous apps available to runners to measure your route’s distance and time yourself on your first run. Use that as a measuring stick to track your improvement. The same applies to those who may prefer simple, brisk walks.

Do Some Yoga

Yoga is a wonderful way to work on your flexibility, core strength and mindfulness. YouTube has hundreds of various routines which you can learn via beginner tutorials, so all you need is a mat and the option of some soothing music in the background to make you feel like you are in your very own yoga studio.

Get On Your Bike

Cycling is one of the better aerobic exercises you can do, as well as being one of the most fun. Research the various trails and routes in your area to find something that works for you, or you can even begin cycling to and from work. When exercise doubles as transport, it is a wonderful way to kill two birds with one stone? No bike? No problem! Most major cities have readily available bike rental services which, while not free, are very cost effective.

Go to a Running Track

If your local high school or college has an athletic programme, odds are that they will have access to a running track. Enquire if this is open to the public and, if so, there are various exercises you can practice from sprints to the more long-distance side of running. As always, though, make sure that you have access to decent running shoes as insufficient equipment can often lead to injury — and it’s the number one reason cited as to why people abandon their exercise regimens.

Jump Rope

Perhaps the best way to work on your coordination, fleet-footedness and cardio, rope-jumping can be difficult to learn but once mastered it is a very efficient and easy way to get a quick sweat going.


If you have a local pool nearby, swimming is one of the most fun activities you can embark upon. Even better if you’re on a coast or by a lake, as that eliminates any associated cost. A wonderful, low-impact workout.

Think Outside The Box

Push-ups, sit-ups, tricep dips and even bicep or tricep curls with household items like large water bottles can be an effective substitute for weight machines at a gym. Activating muscle groups is a relatively simple process and you can achieve gains without forking out for the cost of a membership, so long as you put the research in and do the movements correctly.