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Despite all the motivational talk that you may have read on these pages, sometimes it is just not possible to get to the gym.

While it is definitely important to make a commitment to your fitness, we also understand that people pick up injuries or get sick. Sometimes your work schedule is overbearing, or on other times you are going out of the country on holiday. Either way it is a big part of your overall fitness plan to not let these issues take hold and have them become an obstacle.

For many of us, losing weight is one of the primary motivations for doling out on a gym membership. The range of exercises available to you in a fully-stocked facility has helped countless people achieve their goals over the years but if you are facing a spell away from your gym, you can still give yourself a helping hand by following some simple weight-loss steps to keep your body fine-tuned for when you are able to return.

Cut back on unhealthy sugars and starches

If you keep track of what it is that you are putting into your body that will prove to be half of the battle. We fundamentally believe that everyone deserves a ‘cheat meal’ (or two, or three) per week unless, of course, you are training for high level competition. Cutting back on sugars and starches in your diet can help you to feel ‘fuller’ after meals, alleviating those late night snacks.

Instead of burning these carbs for energy, your body will burn stored fat. Cutting out carbs will also reduce your insulin levels which in turn reduces bloating and water retention.

Control your portions

Calorie-counting isn’t hugely important if you maintain a health diet of protein, fat and other low carb foods. Remember, you don’t have to eliminate carbs or sugars entirely as we’re not aiming for a monastic lifestyle here. Just be wary of them and how detrimental they can be to a balanced diet.

Drink plenty of water

If you drink the correct amount of water per day it will act as an appetite suppressant as well as helping rid your body of toxins, while drinking lots of water will also help your body to stop retaining water (see waterloading in MMA) to help drop the pounds.

Also, drinking a glass of water before your meal can help lead to a 44% improvement in weight loss over a three month period.