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Staying fit and active is more commitment than anyone may think. It may seem easy and simple but it takes a lot of discipline to maintain a lifestyle that involves regular exercise and workout. Some people have managed to defeat temptations such as foregoing fitness routine and staying healthy. These people are an inspiration to all of us and we should follow the same dedication and commitment they show to staying healthy. After all, we get all the benefits from it as Scott Murphy explains.

So how exactly do you stay committed to your fitness routine? Believe it or not, it takes only a few simple steps to attain a great self discipline. Here are 5 tips for committing to your fitness routine.

1. Take baby steps

What discourages us most of the time is the thought of too much effort to exert from signing up to gym classes, driving to and from workout and the workout itself. Because of this, we often dismiss the idea before we even start. The best way to ease yourself into a physical routine is to take baby steps. Start in your own home with simple workout exercises and when your body gets tuned for it, you can gradually move to the bigger workout routines.

2. Stay goal oriented

It always helps to have goals because then you also have a target that you would want to achieve. For instance, you can set a weight goal in a span of four week and plan your workout and diet through that. After four weeks, you can check your weight and see if you have reached your goals. Be sure to set realistic goals that are challenging enough for you.

3. Schedule a regular workout time

Aside from goals, it would also be a big help to follow a schedule. This helps your mind follow a routine and your body get attuned to the daily workout regimen. When you set a regular workout time, eventually your body will be used to the routine that it will look for the exercise and fitness routine itself. Before you know it, you will find exercise not only as a motivating activity but also a part of your daily routine.

4. Pick fun workouts

Who says you need to be strict when it comes to choosing workout routines? As long as the exercise routine works for you and you are enjoying yourself, by all means continue doing it. Not everyone who is physically active has a coach or professional trainer to guide them with the exercise routine. In fact, you can be more motivated and enjoy your workout more if you choose the types of workout that you enjoy doing. Exercise on a rowing machine for fitness is one workout that is both physically active and enjoyable. Playing sports is another way to stay physically active.

5. Find a companion

It’s easier and more enjoyable to workout with a companion, even if it you don’t talk that much during the routine when you are focused. Motivate your friends to be active with you. Having friends when you workout is one effective way to stay committed to your workout schedule and routine. Also, having a companion will make the workout routine less tedious and more entertaining. Being physically active and maintaining a fitness routine is one of only a few effective ways to stay healthy. If you maintain a fitness routine, you also get to attain the body you want. Though it may seem difficult to start and maintain, keep yourself motivated by choosing your inspiration and motivation so you can be physically fit.