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Ireland’s medical community has thanked Conor McGregor following the Dubliner’s €1 million donation to assist in the purchase of personal protective equipment and other vital medical supplies to assist in the fight against coronavirus.

McGregor outlined the donation in recent weeks and that money has gone to good use, funding cardiac monitors, oxygen equipment and 50,000 masks for healthcare professionals across the country.

As Ireland’s frontline medical staff continue to battle against the spread of Covid-19, a hospital in Cork has outlined its thanks towards McGregor for his charitable donation.

Micheal Sheridan, CEO of the Mercy University Hospital in Cork, tweeted his thanks to McGregor, saying: “Huge thanks to @NotoriousMMA for donating thousands of pieces of #COVID19 PPE to @MercyCork #FrontLineHeroes. Some very happy porters collected these this morning at our @MercyfoundCork offices.”

The accompanying photographs shows boxes containing personal protective equipment having arrived at the medical facility. Kieran O’Connor, clinical director for the hospital, also tweeted his thanks.

Mary Leahy, a founding member of Heroes Aid who assisted in arranging for McGregor’s donation to directly benefit local hospitals, was another who pointed out the impact that the extra equipment will have.

“Your donation was a very welcome & positive contribution Conor,’ she wrote online. “It was certainly my 1st time ever having a role in spending a million..hope it wont be my last! The hard work started many weeks ago… give a women €1.3 million to spend, she will do it easily…and wisely, esp when this donation from @TheNotoriusMMA was to equip frontline healthcare to fight Covid-19.

“From cardiac monitors, to oxygen concentrators, to face visors, masks, gowns, and the rest.”

McGregor has been vocal in the fight against the coronavirus in recent weeks, and has issued several pleas for the people of Ireland to obey the various lockdown measures imposed by the Irish government.

“If you do not enter the game, you cannot win it. We have now entered the game and with strict adherence to the methods we will win,” he said last month.

“We must abide by this and I pray for health of the country that we do so. We cannot go by chance here. I urge our government to utilise our defence forces. Any less than full adherence to these newly put forth methods by any member of our society will not only be a mockery to what we are attempting to do – it would put the rest of our great nation in danger.

“You are doing your country an incredible deed by staying put.”