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Jake Paul has earned the begrudging respect of many after he outscored Anderson Silva to maintain his undefeated streak in the boxing ring, but at least one person was not impressed by what he saw in the ring.

John Fury, father of Tyson and Tommy Fury, has been a fervent critic of Paul’s moves into boxing, and particularly after the two failed bouts between Paul and Tommy Fury — the most recent of which fell apart this past summer after Fury reportedly experienced issues in flying to the United States ahead of a scheduled press engagement.

The senior Fury, though, seems intent on ensuring that the fight between his son and Paul happens before long and was hugely critical not just of Paul but also of the man he beat in the ring in Arizona, Anderson Silva.

“This man [Tommy] is fighting here, at least he’s a proper fighter,” said Fury.  “He trains as a boxer. All he’s fighting, he’s had seven pro fights against proper opposition. Not some hand-picked geriatric that needs a Zimmer frame [walker] to get in the ring.

“If any of my sons was fifty years old and doing that, I’d say ‘Listen, have a day off, give your head a wobble. ‘Alls you’re going to do is make a fool of yourself and entertainment for other people. You’re making the other man that’s useless look good.’

“Jake Paul can’t fight. [Tommy] will knock Jake Paul out with one punch. And I’ll say it now on camera: Jake Paul will get knocked out with the first right hand that he throws, and I’ll put money on it.”