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Jeff Mayweather says he believes his nephew, Floyd Mayweather Jr. was attempting to knockout Logan Paul in their recent exhibition but was unable to find the final shot.

Mayweather and Paul met in an eight-round affair that saw Mayweather, while never in remote danger, struggle to overcome Paul’s significant size advantage in the clinch. In Jeff’s mind, there was a number of factors for that.

“I thought what happened could have happened because nobody else was thinking that the age, 44, was gonna show up,” he said, speaking on The Champ and The Chump. And plus, Logan Paul had Floyd about 6 inches in height, probably about 40 pounds in weight. And he still an athlete. He was a wrestler, so I mean, don’t get me wrong and also he did a lot of holding. A whole lot.

“All of that played a part. I think the biggest part is that people have the tendency to forget that Floyd’s not superman. He’s still an athlete, but he’s not the same one that you see now. he’s 44 years old. He still did great for entertainment but I think a lot of people were disappointed because everyone thought there was gonna be a knockout.”

There had been some suggestion from boxing pundits that the undefeated Mayweather had attempted to carry Paul for the sake of entertainment and due to the fact, the contest wouldn’t be marked on any of their records. In his uncle’s mind, however, it wasn’t a case of lack of desire, just the lack of the power.

“I think he wanted to knock him out, of course, but he couldn’t,” Mayweather said. “The guy was too big. He did so much holding and you know was strong enough to take those shots, and as soon as he got hit, he locked up. So that made the fight a little ugly.

“I still think if Floyd was younger, he woulda knocked him out.”