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Earlier today, James Gallagher and Mike Kimbel got into an altercation at a media event for Bellator London.

A video of the incident, posted by MMAFighting’s Peter Carroll, saw the two having to be separated by those in attendance, with Gallaher yelling at Kimbel not to speak about his mother in a certain way.

Gallagher was referencing a lude Instagram post made by Kimbel, which has since been deleted, which saw Kimbel repost a picture of Gallagher with his mother and caption it, “Your mother should’ve swallowed.”

Speaking briefly to TheMacLife after the incident, Gallagher confirmed that it was the post which had infuriated him.

“He posted up on Instagram — posted a picture of me and my ma — and said on the caption, ‘She should have swallowed the sperm cell that made him’,” Gallagher said. “So I said nothing and walked up and left hooked him on the chin.”