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Jake Paul says Tommy Fury’s immigration issues are just another example of his rival attempting to ‘weasel’ out of their scheduled boxing match on August 6.

Contracts have been signed for a showdown between the two in Madison Square Garden in six weeks time but these plans hit a sizeable stumbling block on Tuesday when Fury took to social media to explain that he had been denied entry to the U.S. for a scheduled press event on Wednesday.

This followed reports online in recent days that his half-brother Tyson had also been refused entry to the country on two recent occasions. Their father, John Fury, has been unable to obtain a U.S. visa for several years.

Nonetheless, Tommy Fury indicated his surprise at the events which he says he was only made aware of when he arrived at Heathrow airport on Tuesday morning.

“I can stand here and say I’ve done absolutely nothing wrong and I have no clue why I’m not allowed to travel to the USA,” Fury explained. “I’d like to say I’ve been traveling for a fight this whole time and that’s all I’ve been doing. I have no clue why they would not allow me to travel today and neither does any of my team.”

Paul, though, isn’t buying it.

“Tommy, no matter how hard u try to get out of this fight, I’m going 2 do everything in my power 2 not let u weasel ur way out,” he wrote on Twitter. “My team & my partners have made it clear the steps u need to take 2 solve ur latest excuse. Take them or admit ur a scared little bitch. #TommyFumbles.”

This was also followed by a statement from Paul’s ‘Most Valuable Promotions’.

“Despite many assurances by Tommy Fury and his team that he was able to come to the U.S., and knowing that Tommy was in California just last month, we were surprised to learn that he had an issue at Heathrow airport on Monday,” they wrote.

“As a result of circumstances out of our control, the scheduled press conference for Wednesday at MSG has been postponed. We are working with our partners at SHOWTIME and Madison Square Garden and will share more information as soon as we are able.”