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The desert heat of Las Vegas, Nevada, is unforgiving and merciless. The air is dry, and the moisture in your mouth is replaced by a tightness in your lungs and a sting in your throat.

And for the past month, it’s where Conor McGregor has called home.

Cardiovascular training is, by its very nature, uncomfortable. To add in elements to push that discomfort to a higher level is what makes the difference between a high level athlete and one of an elite class.

In his training camp for Floyd Mayweather, McGregor has intensified his own McGregor Fast conditioning system by adding in components of nature. First, taking to the desert roads to cycle in 42°C/107°F heat, before returning to the UFC Institute and entering a state of the art altitude chamber at 12,000 feet to row ‘The Red Zone’.

In this episode of The Mac Life, get a glimpse at McGregor’s cardio capabilities as he trains under the Nevada sun.