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Dana White might not have a great relationship with many promoters, but he’s clearly got a fan in Matchroom Boxing’s Eddie Hearn.

Last week, White pointed to Hearn as a potential force in boxing that could overcome and eliminate many of the political issues that plague the sport, going as far as to say Hearn could “save it.”

Now, as Hearn gets ready to start his own promotion back up and running, he’s making sure to note White’s recent successful return in Jacksonville acts as an inspiration.

“What I like about Dana is, there’s so much — I hate the fact people can’t wish success or happiness on others,” Hearn said, speaking to IFL. “I just feel like, with karma, you start resenting people’s success and achievements, it’s going to come and slap you right on the arse. What I like about Dana is, he’s happy in himself. He’s happy with his business. If people are doing well, he has no problem championing that.

“I just sent him a message ten days ago. I wasn’t sure about whether ethically he should go as early as he done, but he’s proved me wrong. He’s cracked it. He’s made it safe for the fighters. He’s a go-getter. He’s a trailblazer. And without sounding all lovey, Dana White’s someone that I look up to. He’s revolutionised the sport. He’s a guy who managed to get a sport right, and that’s what I’m trying to do in boxing.

“With Dana White, you tell him no, you tell him it can’t be done, he’ll prove you wrong. I feel like I’m cut from the same cloth as well.”