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Deontay Wilder has decided against sacking his coach Mark Breland after the towel was thrown in during his fight with Tyson Fury.

Breland threw in the towel during the seventh round after he felt Wilder was unable to continue on in the fight — a decision Wilder instantly protested and was angered by. At the post-fight press conference, head coach Jay Deas confirmed that he was against Breland’s decision, and had previously said to him not to stop the fight.

Wilder’s irritation carried on through the media in the immediate days following the bout, when he stated in interviews that Breland was acting out of emotion, and ignored previously expressed wishes from Wilder that he be allowed to compete on in the ring no matter the scenario.

Today, however, Wilder has apparently relaxed on the issue and has issued a statement to media members revealing Breland would in fact remain on in his corner.

“I’m a warrior. I feel the same way I felt on fight night,” Wilder said, speaking with Mike Coppinger. “If I have to go out, I want to go out on my shield. But I understand that my corner and my team has my best interest at heart. Mark Breland is still a part of Team Wilder. Our team looks forward to preparing for the rematch.”

Wilder is believed to have a rematch clause in his contract with Fury, meaning the two will likely fight for the third time this Summer.