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Ever since he entered the sport of mixed martial arts, Conor McGregor has viewed his career in a different light from most fighters.

From the very beginning, the young Irishman from Crumlin made it clear that he didn’t consider himself to be one of the pack, and instead put it on himself to be an innovator and game-changer.

And while McGregor has already achieved more than most, should he emerge victorious this Saturday night against Floyd Mayweather, he’ll be set to go down in history as one of the greatest fighters of all time. As such, the UFC champion’s preparation for August 26 has been nothing but the best.

“It’s been absolutely phenomenal top to bottom,” McGregor said, speaking with “Everyone came together as a team; a solid team. Everyone knew their position, and fuck we put in the work. As you can see, as we documented. It’s been nothing but hard work here.”

In the gym, McGregor and his team have kept a diligent schedule, paying careful attention to every step chosen. Of course, while it’s important to be prepared, it’s no secret McGregor is quick to adapt to changes on the fly (just look at his opponent drop-out record). So when a late change to the size of the gloves being used on fight night was implemented by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, McGregor wasn’t fazed. At all.

“This was part of all the contract negotiations,” McGregor said. “Ten ounce. No horsehair. No Mexican. That I already said no problem to, and then when I put it in front of the public eye, then he was like ‘ah, let’s do smaller gloves’. So I was like ‘all right then’, so now we’re doing smaller gloves. that’s perfect for me. But original negotiations, he didn’t want any part of any of this. So I’m very pleased, and obviously I fight in 4-ounce. I’m moving up to ten [ounce], no problem, I’m no stranger to ten. We get to go down to eight? Perfect.”

“I’ve been in this life a long time. I’ve had these mega, mega fights. I’m under this spotlight a long time, a lot longer than all his other previous opponents, so that’s where he’s probably feeling that will come to his aid in there. But I’ve experienced this time and time again.

“I’m ready.”

On the surface, the challenge that McGregor faces this Saturday is huge. Mayweather is an undefeated boxer with a record of 49-0, and McGregor is stepping through the boxing ropes for the first time as a professional.

However, ask the man himself if he sees any problems coming his way, and his answer echoes back to the attitude he’s displayed ever since his arrival in combat sports.

“What other mixed martial artist is like me?” McGregor asked. “He’d need to re-incarnate Bruce Lee, and that’s the only person he could bring in that that could mimic me, of what way I’m coming at him. I am not like any other mixed martial artist, I am not like any other boxer. I’m in a league of my own, and I will prove that August 26.”