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Tom Aspinall has been frustrated in his pursuit of Jon Jones — but is the UFC’s current 205-pound champion within his reach?

Speculation has suggested that a bout between Aspinall, the UFC’s interim heavyweight champion, and light heavyweight champ Alex Pereira, might be in the works for April’s UFC 300 card which, as of now, remains without a main event attached to it.

But if that is to come to pass, Aspinall says he is yet to be contacted over the possibility.

“On my end, I’ve heard nothing so far,” he said on TikTok, as reported by MMA Fighting. “As I’ve said plenty of times before, I’m not one to turn down fights. I’m not particularly looking for that fight, but if it’s available and they offer it to me, I will take it. I’m ready to fight.”

“There’s been a lot of shouts about who I should fight next,” Aspinall added. “I’m ready to fight. Let me know. It’s as simple as that. Let me know who and where.

“I’m like the easiest guy ever to entice to a fight. Every time the UFC has asked me to fight, I said yeah. I’ve never even questioned who, when, where, anything like that. Make me an offer, and it’s highly likely I’ll say yeah.”

But still without a fight, and with Jon Jones seemingly tied up with Stipe Miocic upon his return from injury later this year, the clock is ticking on the Briton’s desire to fight at least twice in 2024.

“I’d like to have two – two fights is perfect,” Aspinall said. “I think if we can have one around early summer time, and then one the back end of the year, that’s realistic and it’s ideal. Obviously, I’d like to have more, but you’ve got to be realistic about it. Twice a year is realistic and definitely doable. So two fights would be perfect.”