Dustin Poirier on Anthony Pettis: ““I think it was a broken man more than a broken rib”

Dustin Poirier on Anthony Pettis: ““I think it was a broken man more than a broken rib”

Dustin Poirier is aiming for a rematch with Eddie Alvarez after a phenomenal win over Anthony Pettis

By Oscar Willis - 12 Nov 2017

Dustin Poirier’s win over Anthony Pettis could well be the biggest of Poirier’s career.

The win came in the third after Pettis tapped after what he suspected was a broken rib, although the contest will be marked down as TKO victory for Poirier. However, despite Pettis’ injury, Poirier believed the win was coming in some fashion or another, and it was more that Pettis was unwilling to continue than being too hurt to do so.

“I think it was a broken man more than a broken rib. But, that’s my thought on it,” Poirier said at the post-fight press conference. “Hopefully nothing is wrong with the guy, but I felt like the fight was slowly slipping away from him after that cut. And after the takedowns he realized that I was strong and that I was going to stay on top. He couldn’t submit me. All them triangles he threw up, I knew his legs were going to be tired once we got back up because I used to be a bottom guy — used to chase triangles, chase armbars. That takes a lot out of your legs, especially if you’re a mover like he is, bouncing around. Like I said, I hope is okay, but I think it was more of a broken man than a broken rib.”

Following the contest, Poirier made an impassioned plea to face the winner of the upcoming contest between Eddie Alvarez and Justin Gaethje. For Poirier, it’s all lining up for a rematch with Alvarez — something Poirier has been chasing since a fight between the two was ruled a no contest after Alvarez landed illegal knees.

“I hope Eddie wins, so we can build this up to what it should be,” Poirier said. “I should have an automatic rematch. He shouldn’t have been rewarded with a TV show and more publicity and another big fight against another ranked guy. He cheated and got out of a fight that he was losing, and he should have been forced to run it back with me. I’m the guy who got robbed in that fight. He got rewarded.

“I mean, I’ve earned it. I don’t deserve it. I’m not begging for it. I’ve earned it, and then we move on.”