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Despite owning 19 wins in his professional mixed martial arts career, Ben Askren is arguably most famous amongst UFC fans for being on the receiving end of the quickest knockout in the promotion’s history. 

After months of bad blood between the two, the Askren-Masvidal fight infamously ended just five seconds after it began when Masvidal raced across the cage to deliver a flying knee to Askren’s dome which immediately crumpled the former Olympic wrestler to the canvas and hand him the first defeat of his professional career.

The win was a signifiant fill-up for Masvidal’s career, ushering him into a world title fight against champion Kamaru Usman in which he would be bested by unanimous decision after taking the fight on just six days’ notice — and since then, the two has frequently sparred on social media.

The latest salvo was fired by Askren overnight, which comes after Masvidal entered the camp of YouTuber Jake Paul to help him prepare for next month’s boxing pay-per-view offering from Triller featuring the pair.

“I’ve refrained for 2 years, but let’s be real Jorge,” Askren wrote in response to a Masvidal tweet. “You landed the luckiest knee of your life and I made you famous. You’re welcome. You got 50-43’d by Usman and will likely again next month. Beat it loser.”

Time will tell if Askren’s prediction for the April 24 rematch between Usman and Masvidal will come to pass but it seems clear that Askren isn’t exactly confident in his rival’s chances.