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Mark Hunt is used to a different kind of fight.

The 45-year-old slugger, considered by many to be one of the most popular UFC heavyweights in recent years, has lost his case against the UFC related to the summer 2017 UFC 200 fight with Brock Lesnar after which the WWE superstar would test positive for performance enhancing drugs.

Lesnar was awarded the judges’ decision victory but it was subsequently declared a no-contest once news of Lesnar’s positive test was announced. The test was conducted 11 days before the date of the fight.

The majority of Hunt’s lawsuit was dismissed earlier this year but one final charge — ‘breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing’ — remained, but when that too was thrown out Hunt reacted angrily on social media.

“I tried to make things even on the battle field of MMA but again the cheating company, Dana White, UFC with all its billions they ripped everyone off win again,” Hunt stated on Instagram. “Someone will die against a steroid using cheater and your sh*t rip off company will be at fault UFC.

“I hope all you f*ckers burn, filthy dog c*nnnniesss u can go and get f*****aaaaaarrrkkkkeddd. You won this battle but the war will continue. I am not the first to sue this rip off company and sure as hell won’t be the last to sue the UFC. You can’t keep ripping fighters off and run monopoly on the market someone’s going to put u motherf*ckers down.”

Hunt had initially launched a multi-faceted lawsuit against the UFC and Lesnar citing racketeering, fraud, breach of contract and more as his complaints. However, Lesnar had been granted an exemption from the typical period of six-months clean testing required after returning from an extended hiatus, due to the relatively short notice nature of the bout being arranged.

 ‘The Super Samoan’ continued to compete for the UFC following the Lesnar fight but lost his final three bouts in the organisation. He hasn’t fought since December of last year and his record currently stands at 13-14-1 (1).