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A recent event by RIZE Fighting Championship in Florida is under investigation by police after footage captured at the event showed a fan discharge at least one gunshot during a mass crowd brawl. 

Video shot of the incident by former UFC middleweight Hector Lombard showed grainy footage of the gunman firing his weapon into the ceiling, past fans who were watching the events unfold from balconies. The gunshot immediately prompted panic inside the arena and fans, officials and fighters alike scrambled to safety at the fight card which took place last Saturday. The incident was initially reported by TMZ.


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“This guy just shot his handgun in the middle of a melee at an amateur show. Shameful and pathetic cowardly behaviour ruined a great night of fights,” wrote Lombard on an Instagram post in which he published the video.

Police have indicated that they received reports of two shots being fired, though just one is evident on Lombard’s video.

Paramedics were called to the scene to treat several people injured in the brawl but no gunshot injuries were reported.

“We’re talking to witnesses and we’re trying to track down who may have been involved in that, but thankfully, no one was struck by gunfire,” Barbera said to MMA Fighting. “There could be more charges. It could have killed somebody. Right now, it’s shots fired, which is a felony charge.”

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