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Conor McGregor picked the right side in last weekend’s boxing match between his old rival Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal. 

Diaz and Masvidal, who first crossed paths back in 2019 in the UFC’s inaugural ‘BMF’ title bout, clashed again — this time under boxing rules — in California on Saturday night, with Diaz being awarded the judges’ decision in the ten-round bout.

The result means that the two fighters are now 1-1 in their series that spans two different combat sports.

In advance of the fight, Conor McGregor — who himself has fought Diaz on two occasions — revealed online that he had wagered a cool $500,000 on Diaz to be declared the victory and after Diaz’s hand was raised, it was revealed that he had won approximately $1,625,000 on the outcome of the fight.

Writing on social media afterwards, McGregor wrote: “I make so much money you can swim in it!”

Diaz was informed of McGregor’s backing in the post-fight press conference, which you can see below, with the Stockton native being asked about the situation at around the 8:50 mark of the video.