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Things got heated at Thursday’s press conference to promote next month’s boxing match between former UFC rivals Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal.

The two combat veterans, who fought several years ago over the inaugural ‘BMF’ title in the UFC, will rematch in the boxing ring on July 6 in Anaheim, California, and have combined for a handful of press events to promote the scrap.

At Thursday’s, though, Diaz made clear that he is tired of the pre-fight pageantry. “I’m sick of of this whole shit,” Diaz said to the media, including The Mac Life. “I’m done with this whole press conference shit. I’m glad we’re here to promote these great fights that are happening. That’s cool as f*ck. But besides that, I think my work here is done. I’m done doing all this shit. No more press conferences until my next fight.”

Diaz also reserved some choice words for Masvidal, as well as Brian Campbell, who was overseeing the event from the podium before — in typical Diaz fashion — getting up and leaving the stage.

“F*ck this ugly motherf*cker [Masvidal],” Diaz said. “Man, I hate to disrespect you but I’m sick of seeing you too [to Campbell]. I’m out. I’m good. See everybody. Peace out.”

These words appear to have incited a brawl between both fighters’ respective teams, during which Masvidal appeared to be pushed by an unknown figure before security were able to quell the chaos.

You can watch the full press conference at this link.