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UFC 300’s cast of characters have a little more to fight for this weekend.

Late on Thursday at the official pre-fight press conference ahead of Saturday night’s the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, UFC CEO Dana White confirmed that the event’s performance bonuses will be increased to match the historic nature of the card. Responding to reports that several of the 26 fighters on the card had enquired about the possibility of a one-off increase of the usual $50,000 bonus, White turned to the 26 athletes on stage to ask what the new sum should be.

Collectively, the group settled on $300,000 — prompting White to agree. “It’s done,” he said.

Four bonuses in total will be issued following the card: two ‘Performances of the Night’ bonuses, and another two for each of the fighters involved in the ‘Fight of the Night’ — meaning that a cool $1.2 million will be handed out.

Check out the video below: