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Days after the UFC finished their run of events on ‘Fight Island’, Abu Dhabi hosted another mixed martial arts event on Friday — but some elements of the UAE Warriors 12 event didn’t quite go as seamlessly as it did during the UFC’s residency. 

A match between Ahmad Al Darmaki and Bogdan Kirilenko ended when Al Darmaki sunk in a rear naked choke. His opponent, Kirilenko, tapped on the canvas, at which point referee Marc Goddard stepped in to intervene. However, Al Darkami held on to the choke for a few beats longer than necessary, and Goddard wasn’t a happy man.

The official immediately remonstrated with the fighter, prompting Kirilenko to push Goddard twice and even grab the referee by the throat.

Unsurprisingly, the result of the fight was a DQ win for Kirilenko.

Check out the footage below: