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After going viral last weekend for winning a two-on-one MMA bout against a pair of (much smaller) twins, British strongman Eddie Hall wants to take on someone his own size.

On Friday, Hall — who is a former World’s Strongest Man — obliterated online influencers The Neffati Brothers in a bout that headlined the first World Freak Fight League in Blackburn, landing a powerbomb and a one-punch KO on one, and pounding the other out on the canvas a short time later.

But now that he’s got his feet wet in mixed martial arts, Hall says he wants to test himself against another former elite strongman: Poland’s Mariusz Pudzianowski, a fighter who has competed in 27 MMA bouts and has faced the likes of Tim Sylvia, Bob Sapp and Sean McCorkle.

And as Hall explained to The Mac Life, negotiations for the Goliath vs. Goliath matchup have commenced.

“As of now, Mariusz Pudzianowski, we’re in talks. We’ve got so many promotions that have reached out wanting to take that fight on and promote it. I want to get it done pretty quick, I want to fight Mariusz before the end of this year.

“I feel like I’ve got a good role, I’ve got a good groove in my training — it’s just who comes with the biggest bid basically, as to whether that happens or not. I’m under no illusion, Mariusz Pudzianowski, to put it frank, is a hard bastard. He is a hard motherf*cker. You can’t deny that.

“He might have lost some fights … but he has f*cked up some world champions and done very well in the sport, so you can’t mock him.

“He won the World’s Strongest Man for five years, so he’s a five-time World’s Strongest Man champion so he’s go the strength and he’s been doing MMA for 15+ years now. His name came up and I thought, ‘f*ck it, he’s getting old, he’s [47] … he might have all the experience, he might be strong but I feel like I’m just in good, prime position in my life.

“I can learn the MMA game pretty quick. I’ve picked up a lot in the eight or nine months I’ve been training so I feel in another four, five months I could be good enough to give Mariusz a run for his money.