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Conor McGregor has elaborated on the foot injury that forced his removal from this weekend’s UFC 303 card in Las Vegas.

It was confirmed in recent days by McGregor that he had sustained a broken toe in preparation for his scheduled UFC 303 main event fight with Michael Chandler; an injury that has postponed what is to be McGregor’s first fight since the broken leg he suffered in his most recent bout in the summer of 2021.

And at Saturday night’s Bellator Champions Series event in Dublin’s 3Arena — the scene of McGregor’s infamous ‘we’re not here to take part’ line all those years ago — McGregor told Dan Hardy said that he will return to the cage as soon as he is fully healed.

“I’m still here rocking away,” said McGregor. “I had a little lapse in concentration, so I had to reschedule the bout, so I’m a little upset about that. But it’s keeping me dialled in. It’s keeping me focused. The job is not done. So that’s not bad for someone like me. I’m onwards towards the new date and take my lessons learned.

“It was a lapse in concentration,” he said of the incident that caused the injury. “If I was any one of these other little bums that can’t move, that have no footwork, that don’t rely on their skills, then I would be OK. And I’ve done it before. I’ve made the walk a multitude of times in those circumstances and given these bums an advantage over me that they don’t even deserve.

“So now I’m dialling it in, I’m getting this training camp correct, I’m walking in there 100 percent Conor McGregor, injury free. Perfection is on the menu with me, and that’s it.”

There has been no timeline revealed for McGregor’s return but he told Irish MMA outlet SevereMMA that he is targeting August or September as the ideal dates.