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Dana White’s ‘Fight Island’ pet project is close to its launch, and the promotion for the event is in full swing.

The idea, designed as a way to bypass international travel restrictions which have been put in place due to the coronavirus health crisis, will see its first event — UFC 251 — on July 11 for a monster card topped by three world title fights; Kamaru Usman vs. Gilbery Burns, Alexander Volkanovski vs. Max Holloway and Petr Yan vs. Jose Aldo.

A further three events will roll out in the two weeks which follow in the sequence of events which will take place on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. A ten square mile exclusion bubble will also be on hand at the various events, meaning that only people directly associated with the events will be granted permission to enter.

A range of Covid-19 tests and isolation procedures have also been prepared to shield people as much as possible from exposure to the potentially deadly coronavirus.

But what exactly will ‘Fight Island’ look like? Well, UK broadcaster BT Sports have released a promotional clip to highlight the forthcoming fights, which you can check out below: