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Paul Craig just snapped Jamahal Hill’s arm.

In the opening fight of UFC 263, Craig and Hill went in the Octagon to settle a clearly personal score, and early on in the first round Scotsman Craig pulled guard and forced the contest to the mat. From there, he quickly locked in an armbar that clearly had Hill in trouble immediately.

From there, things get a little bit more confusing. It seemed Hill was desperately trying to tap, only for the local referee to ignore his attempts. Craig switched things up to a triangle choke, going on to land a ferocious flurry of elbows to Hill’s head.

At that point, the referee stepped in, and the damage to Hill’s arm became apparent as it lay limply by his side.

“You either tap, nap, or it snaps and tonight it snapped. One hell of an opponent there in the octagon, took shots after his arm was broke. That’s tough,” Craig said in his post-fight interview. “I could feel [the broken arm], it was like a wet fish just dancing all over my body.”