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Colby Covington has posted a video to his social media of Dustin Poirier seemingly knocking out a training partner.

In the video, Poirier lands a heavy right hand that drops his teammate, before he walks away and proclaims, “And new!” in an apparent reference to his then-upcoming contest with Khabib Nurmagomedov. For Covington, the apparent issue is Poirier’s wearing of protective gear while the dropped man wears none.

“The guy wearing full nerf gear head to toe to protect his face and his feelings is Poirier,” Covington wrote. “The guy with no headgear, wrestling credentials or brain cells left is “khabib.” @DustinPoirier. Good guy? Bad guy? You be the judge,”

It’s not the first time Covington’s made mention of the footage, telling MMAJunkie last month just how low he considered Poirier’s conduct.

“Dustin (Poirier) is not a nice, charitable guy. He is a piece of shit person,” Covington said. “… Wait, this is an amateur, by the way, no headgear, he was going training with him, watch. Watch what he says in his face, ‘And New’ — he’s rubbing it in the kid’s face after he drops him. What’s nice and honorable, and charitable about that?“