Tony Ferguson issues statement on UFC 256 defeat: “I went out & welcomed the attack instead of defend”

Tony Ferguson issues statement on UFC 256 defeat: “I went out & welcomed the attack instead of defend”

Tony Ferguson has offered his thoughts on his loss to Charles Oliveira at UFC 256 last Saturday, and has pledged to continue.

By Oscar Willis - 15 Dec 2020

Tony Ferguson has issued his first statement since his defeat at UFC 256, and pledges to continue his fighting career.

Ferguson was drubbed by Charles Oliveira in Las Vegas on Saturday, losing a unanimous decision and in truth offered minimal problems for the Brazilian Oliveira. It has raised questions about the perennial lightweight contenders future, and whether or not Ferguson will be able to remain at the top of the 155-pound division going forward.

In Ferguson’s mind, that’s not a question. He’s still an elite level fighter and will prove it in time.

“No excuses, I felt flat. I went out & welcomed the attack instead of defend. The warm-up time in the back for @UFC hasn’t been the same since pre-covid. Still no excuses, times change & so do people 🍃🌱🍃 the time from hotel to UFC apex is much more condensed & the aggressive level we needed was not reached. My fault,” Ferguson wrote on his social media.

“After the fight, we were checked by doctors & went back to the hotel. I felt it was in order to hit pads/spar immediately because the fight was fresh in my mind & blood circulation in my arm was needed. I really needed to figure out what the f’n problem was from the fight, solution **pre-fight time🥇management**

“Chuck was looking take my back or go for the armbar as soon as we hit the mat. Thus I didn’t worry about the mount, kid was slick but so am I. I was looking for the knockout standing & d’arce from bottom position once we hit jits transitions. It was fun fighting against a wet blanket (aka “heavy pressure opponent”) mark my words, that scenario won’t happen again. Period.

“My arm is aright, the armbar was really tight. The thought of my son arm and anthony’s ability to be double-jointed in his elbow during that sequence & my mental capacity to endure pain got me through it. # breathe # mental🥇tufness.

“I’m beyond grateful & thankful for my talents 🌱 I have learned so much about myself this year & what my purpose in life is. My search for that epic word called “greatness” isn’t over. Understand crew 🍃 we are far from being retired, so message to my haters🖕🤓 👍 *shabam*
Shout out to my team I put together on three weeks notice. We’re still green🥇boys thanks for not deserting💯me. (team, we’re barely scratching the surface to what we can truly accomplish & for that I say amen). It was great making weight & being around my fight fam for the week.

“I can’t wait til we compete in front of a big loud crowd again, it’s not the same without you all.”