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2020 continues to stun. Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson has made the first twitter callout of his career.

Thompson has had a career long reputation of being one of the most genuine and nice athletes inside mixed martial arts, and a huge part of that has been his reluctance to get involved in the public back and forths we see so often inside the sport. Today, after having been outside of the cage for a while, Thompson has decided to change tactics and finally make a pitch to another fighter for a contest.

“All due respect Leon Edwards, which I have a lot of for you, I have been saying I would like to fight you for a while now! It makes sense and would be a great match up.

“I think that was my first Twitter call out ever. Man that felt weird.”

Edwards has been considered one of the most underrated fighters at welterweight, having won 8 fights in a row, most of which have been dominant affairs. At the moment, he has been stuck on the outside looking in at 170-pounds after the coronavirus scrapped his contest with Tyron Woodley earlier this year.