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When it comes to Conor McGregor, there are no ‘normal’ days. 

From becoming the UFC’s first-ever simultaneous two division champion to becoming the highest paid athlete ever to make their professional boxing debut all while building an Irish whiskey empire, the Dubliner has spent the best part of a decade moving the forefront of various different industries.

This month, McGregor’s major feature film debut — a remake of the 80s cult classic ‘Road House’ — is released, marking his debut into another industry, and speaking exclusively to The Mac Life at the movie’s glitzy London premiere on Thursday, he said that his life to this point has uniquely prepared him for his newest venture.

“I definitely was playing a role,” McGregor said on the red carpet. “Nobody knows the real Conor, that’s the truth of it and that lends well into this craft. You know, I feel like my life is very much removed from reality as it is… You know, in the public sphere so much. I feel like I could play any role. So, this was a good role to play and I done my best.”

Of course, McGregor is no stranger to these types of press events having engaged in world tours to promote his bouts against both Jose Aldo and Floyd Mayweather.

“It’s tough, man,” he said of the media requirements necessary to promote a major film release. “These tours are difficult. I’m the type of person that celebrates at the starting line. I get excited — we finished the first day of New York and then we still had four more days of New York, and then we still had to go to Texas and do four days. But we’re only after finishing one day and I get excited and start celebrating, then it’s tough to do it the next day. It’s just experience.”

Make no mistake, though: McGregor remains intent on returning to his day job and ending his temporary hiatus from the sport in which he began his journey. No date has yet been confirmed for his return fight, but McGregor said that he is fit and ready to go — and that he has so far completed two separate fight camps,

“I had a camp in Cannes in the south of France, I had a camp in Dubai, world champions training with me where I was hoping for a December date, then a January date and then it keeps getting pushed back,” he said.

‘Road House’ will be released on the Amazon Prime platform on March 21.