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Nicco Montano has broken her silence over yesterday’s announcement regarding her receiving a six month suspension from USADA after trace amounts of the banned substance Ostarine were found in her system.

Montano’s suspension is backdated to November 15, the date of the failed test in question. Today, she took to her social media to address the decision, as well as acknowledge she and the anti-doping agency are yet to find the exact contaminated substance that caused her to fail the out-of-competition test.

“First and foremost, I would like to thank my friends, family, and all of my fans for their continued support during this difficult period in my life,” Montano wrote on her Instagram. “As you all know, USADA was unable to locate the source of my contamination. I will continue to remain diligent in my responsibilities to USADA and the UFC. I would like to acknowledge Donna Marcolini and Jeff Novitzky with the UFC for their assistance in this process. This suspension has further inspired me to work even harder of achieving my goals in the UFC. I hope to make my return this summer.”