Michael Bisping and Georges St-Pierre get into it at Press Conference

Michael Bisping and Georges St-Pierre get into it at Press Conference

Michael Bisping, enjoying Vegas, and Georges St-Pierre had plenty to say today.

By Oscar Willis - 3 Mar 2017

It’s amazing how quick perception can change on a fight.

When Georges St-Pierre vs. Michael Bisping was announced, it has to be mentioned that there was some backlash from fans who declared the fight was ignoring the hierarchy of UFC rankings, and an obvious attempt at making a money fight.

Well, leave it to was maybe, potentially, possibly drunk Michael Bisping to turn that around. The middleweight champion emerged slightly worse for wear about half an hour late to the conference, and immediately made a point of attacking the former welterweight champion.

“You went away, you ran away and fucking chased aliens, I don’t know what you did, no one gives a fuck, the sport is a different place,” Bisping said.

“Where’s your belt? Where’s your fucking belt? You don’t have one. The sport moved on. The sport has moved on.”

In response, a slightly amused St-Pierre pointed out that a night in Las Vegas appeared to have affected Bisping’s time keeping skills.

“Are you still drunk?” St-Pierre said. “What is happening with you? Your voice.. my God. Are you healthy, are you okay?”

Which of course left the Brit more than unimpressed.

“Why does that matter? I’ve been drunk throughout my entire fucking career,” Bisping said. “Why does that matter? I’m English, I’m in Vegas. … when’s the fight? I’ll fight right now! I’ll fight you right now!”

And, despite the pokes at who was in a more professional state, there was some actual aspect of fighting to discuss.

“Skill, fighting IQ, athleticism, everything is on my side,” St-Pierre said.

“Oh is it really? Height? Reach? Good looks? The fucking accent?” Bisping shot back

“You are a very, very good fighter, but at the end of the day, there’s a reason they have weight classes. But I know why you’ve picked me, you think I’m an easy fight. Like Anderson did. Like Luke Rockhold did.”

GSP is back 👊

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