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Michael Bisping appears to not appreciate Chris Weidman’s attempts at calling him out following the American’s victory over Kelvin Gastelum.

Weidman had taken the microphone following his third round submission win and called out the middleweight champion — albeit not by name.

“That British bum who is crying in his freaking house right now: I’m back baby,” Weidman said. “I’m back. What’s up? Stop hiding from the real men. Let’s go, baby. I’m the champ and everyone knows it.”

Unsurprisingly, Bisping took little time to respond, taking to Twitter and pointing out that Weidman hadn’t mentioned his name directly.

While it took Weidman a little while longer, today he shot back at the Brit, calling him bitch before mocking a long-standing eye injury that Bisping suffered during a fight with Vitor Belfort.

Following a hugely damaging kick to the head in that fight, Bisping suffered a detached retina, and was forced to undergo treatment to save his fighting career. While he went onto win the title, the eye has left Bisping disfigured for life, and has been a point of ridicule before.

Perhaps that’s why the champion — who is slated to face Robert Whittaker later this year or early next — didn’t take Weidman’s comment with good humour.

“Your[sic] a fucking piece of shit,” Bisping retorted. “Mocking a fight injury. Well I pray you don’t suffer the same. And fuck you pussy. When I see you, it’s on.”

The two then continued to throw barbs at each other through social media, with Bisping mocking Weidman’s father, and Weidman continuing to poke fun at Bisping’s deformed eye.