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Eight years ago when Conor McGregor and Max Holloway fought early in their UFC careers, few might have predicted the careers that both men would go on to have.

Both won world titles and ascended to the absolute summit of their divisions, experiencing every emotion that mixed martial arts has to offer along the way and since — but given both fighter’s current status the best part of a decade since their last meeting, Holloway suggests that the time might be right for a rematch of their August 2013 first fight which McGregor won by unanimous decision.

“I’m not here to kick a man while he’s down, but I think that fight with me and Conor is on a very short list with the UFC,” Holloway said to Brendan Schaub on an episode of The Food Truck Diaries

“If he was to win the fight (with Poirier) I think it would have been a little bit different, a little bit greater. I think that fight would have happened, but we’ve got nothing but time.

“He’s not going nowhere, I’m not going nowhere. Build the man back up, I’m going to keep doing my thing, let him do his thing… The UFC, we had talks here and there about it. It’s on a very short list for the UFC and I’m just excited for it.”

Holloway, meanwhile, says that his last performance in the cage — last month against Calvin Kattar — was the best body of work he has displayed in the octagon to date.

“No, I think that was my best performance out there,” Holloway said separately to  ESPN, as noted by “We get better every time, right? That’s what we did. And to do it against a guy like Calvin Kattar who many hold him as one of the great boxers, not in our division but all of UFC.

“To have that performance against him was great. But, like I’ve been telling everybody, it takes two man, it takes two to tango,” Holloway added. “Calvin deserves just as much praise as I do. He was in there taking it, he was in there giving it. Nothing but respect to him. But I really believe that was my best performance for sure… I just felt like I was untouchable in there”.