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Diego Sanchez’ coach Joshua Fabia hasn’t been a prevalent figure in the sport of mixed martial arts for very long, but he’s certainly achieved some notoriety quickly.

Fabia’s training techniques, ones that Sanchez himself frequently touts as game-changing, are considered to be abstract and unusual. The coach’s attitude, particularly following Sanchez’ contest with Michel Pereira earlier this year, was also called into question after he frequently voiced his irritation with the media for not granting him any credit.

One figure he apparently has an issue with, it seems, is UFC Hall of Famer Matt Serra.

On the latest episode of Looking for a Fight, Fabia approaches Serra at breakfast in the W Hotel in Abu Dhabi to raise his objection to what he perceived as disrespect from Serra on the UFC Unfiltered podcast.

It didn’t go down particularly well.

“I don’t know you, but as of now, I’m not a huge fan,” Serra says to Fabia. “Do me a favour, we don’t really got to talk about this right now. I understand. I respect Diego, I don’t know you too well, I don’t know the point you’re trying to say, you’re coming at the media. From what I see of your training, I think it’s silly. I don’t give a shit. You’re not my guy, you’re not working with my guys.

“Good luck with Diego. I wish Diego the best. You’re with him, so if he wins, I’m sure you’re going to get some acknowledgement.”

At that point, Fabia interjected, telling Serra he felt that the UFC Hall of Famer had tried to avoid saying his name when the topic of his coaching had arisen — a suggestion that didn’t sit well with Serra.

“How about this? Honestly, I don’t even know your fucking name. How about that?” Serra fired back. ” … This is not going to get any better. Do your thing, good luck with you, I hope you make money off of Diego. Do what you gotta do. That’s it, bro. Listen, [you’re] not my type of guy. Do your thing.”