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UFC icon Mark Coleman will be on hand at next week’s UFC 300 event in Las Vegas, it has been confirmed.

The UFC’s first-ever heavyweight champion was last month hailed as a hero for rescuing both of his elderly parents from a house fire in his native Ohio, after being awoken by his dog Hammer during the night. Sadly, Hammer did not survive the blaze.

Earlier this week, Max Holloway hailed Coleman as a true ‘BMF’ ahead of his clash with Justin Gaethje next week, issuing a request for him to be the person to strap the ‘BMF’ title across the winner’s waist — and while that has not yet been confirmed as happening, Coleman has stated on social media that he will be in attendance for the historic event.

“I’m so excited today,” Coleman wrote on Instagram. “The UFC is bringing me in giving me and my daughters tickets to the biggest show ever UFC 300 in Las Vegas. So stoked let’s go. The BMF belt that’s the one I’m excited about. The main event is huge as well. The whole card is sick. See you there.

“What a great day to be alive. Be the best version of yourself you can be you never know when you’re gonna need it. Sober is cool, carnivore diet, nine ancestral tenants, hammer House for life.”

There were initially fears for Coleman’s life following the Toledo house fire. He was airlifted to a nearby medical facility after suffering from severe smoke inhalation, where he was intubated and sedated.

However, fears for his wellbeing were soon allayed after he was released from hospital — and now it seems as though Holloway may well get his wish of Coleman being involved in the ‘BMF’ contest next weekend.