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Ian Machado Garry wants Colby Covington to commit to their welterweight grudge match.

The unbeaten Irishman has been vocal in his challenge to the former three-time world title challenger — a proposal he says that both he and the UFC are keen on. The only hold-up, Machado Garry says, remains Covington giving his formal blessing to the contest.

“I’ve made it very clear I want Colby next, he does not have any other options,” Machado Garry said in comments to Genting Casino, as noted by MMA Fighting. “It’s the biggest fight he can have, it’s the biggest fight I can have right now, so let’s do it, let’s put on a show, let me wipe the floor with him, and I’ll retire him for good.

“It seems like the UFC wants it, it seems like it’s going in the right direction, so let’s hope he signs the contract. I have agreed to fight Colby but at the moment Colby has not agreed, nor signed the contract.”

And with Machado Garry’s compatriot Conor McGregor now officially confirmed to return against Michael Chandler at UFC 303 this summer, he says he wants a piece of that action.

“That would be my goal. To see McGregor vs. Chandler main event and Ian Machado Garry as the co-main,” he said. “I think that would be a phenomenal card.

“I look up to Conor as a role model and as an inspiration who proved anyone can achieve their dreams,” the Dubliner explained. “He showed us you can become UFC champion and do anything you ever dreamed of. We grew up very close to each other in Dublin and we’re both on similar trajectories, obviously, he’s done it, and now it’s my turn to do it.”

But should that come to pass, the clock remains ticking on Covington’s acceptance of the challenge.

“He’s going to want to fight a stylistic matchup that suits his style — I am a striker — so stop being a p*ssy, accept the fight,” the Dubliner said.

“What’s Colby going to do against me? He’s got terrible striking, he only has wrestling, his Jiu-Jitsu is not that great. All he wants to do is hold on and throw a shot now and again. He doesn’t look to advance to a dominant position and smash an elbow or look for submissions.

“All he’s got is this cardio he’s apparently well-known for. If he tried to put cardio on me, he’s going to be gassed out by the second round. I will wipe the floor with Colby, I will retire him, I’m on a different level. I’m too fast, too technical, and too good for him.”