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Justin Gaethje — as evident by his fighting style — loves chaos and violence.

And according to the UFC lightweight, who is coming off an incredible victory over Edson Barboza, one of the best places he can find such chaos resides across the Atlantic ocean in a well known city called Dublin.

Speaking with TMZ about the current state of the 155-pound division, Gaethje revealed his dream fight was to meet Conor McGregor in the Irishman’s backyard, pointing to it as a scenario that keeps him excited and passionate about competing in mixed martial arts.

“This is the craziest weight class there is right now in the UFC,” Gaethje said. “I think it’s the one with the most opportunities to become a superstar. There’s so many fights right now, but Conor sounds like he’s coming back, so I’m the man. If he’s gonna fight somebody, it has to be me. That’s the one I want. Tony’s there but he’s gotta go back and get better so that leaves Conor and me.”

“Fuck, man, it’s the name of the game,” Gaethje continued, speaking about a McGregor fight in Ireland. “I want to fight him. I want to fight him in Ireland. I know it’s not gonna happen in Ireland but that’s my dream, to go over there and be in that sort of chaos. That’s what fucking wakes me up every day.

“I’ll go out there and stand and knock him out. He wants to retire, I can help him on his way out.”