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Jose Aldo has made his first public comments since his  loss to Max Holloway at UFC 212 last Saturday.

The former featherweight champion took to his social media to respond to the defeat, quoting Spanish philosopher Baltasar Gracián and re-affirming his intentions of continuing his fighting career.

“Be content to act, and leave the talking to others” – Baltasar Gracian,” the post reads. “I only have to thank my ‘dad’ Andre Pederneiras, the best team in the world, Nova Uniao, because if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be the people’s champion, and (thank) all my trainers, who did a super well done job and got me ready, and all my fans who are always with me, here’s my love and my thank you. I’m speechless with all the love I’ve received until today, and every word you send to me. Thank you.

“The rest, fuck it, because I’ll come back, because we go down so we can get back up!! That’s it!! We’ll be back!!”

Aldo’s future is left somewhat uncertain. Ahead of UFC 212, he had announced intentions of moving up in weight to take part in a number of superfights at 155-pounds. With his loss to Holloway however, it appears (according to Aldo’s coach Pederneiras) that he may wait around at featherweight to see who Holloway faces next, and what that contest entails.