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He’s only been back for two months and already Jon Jones is consistently finding himself at the center of big story after big story.

This time, however, it’s not a story about drugs or controversies, but instead one about Jones’ good old fashioned fighting talent going up against another man with renowned skill.

For years, a Jones vs. Cain Velasquez fight has been pointed to as one of the biggest possible fights the UFC could make — particularly if it was Jones’ first fight at heavyweight.

Well with an Instagram post made today, it seems Jones is starting to consider the idea as a possibility once again, after addressing a comment made by Velasquez which included the words “I think I could beat him.”

“Your confidence is going to have to be on lock in order to beat me my guy,” Jones wrote. “Can’t be talking about “I think I can.” I feed off picograms of self-doubt, and I can smell it from miles away. For now let’s just focus on the fights ahead of us. My heavyweight days are inevitable.”