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Jon Jones has not, in fact, been arrested, according to the UFC heavyweight champion.

Media reports emerged in recent days of a supposed run-in between Jones and the UFC’s drug-testing partner, Drug Free Sport International (DFSI), during a sample collection in Albuquerque, New Mexico, which subsequently led to a summons being issued for Jones over allegations of assault and other manners of interference with the process.

Jones, who has admitted to using profanity during the exchange, has denied engaging in threatening behaviour with the sample collector, and has also denied reports that he has been arrested over the incident.

“I wanted to address some misinformation that has been circulating this morning,” Jones wrote on social media on Sunday. “I woke up to false reports that I had been arrested. I have not been arrested. In fact, I am currently in Texas with my daughters at a volleyball tournament.

“I must admit, it’s disappointing to have to clarify these things again, but I understand that I may be an easy target given some of my past issues. It’s important to set the record straight and make sure the truth is told.”

He added: “I was recently visited by testers while I was celebrating a birthday and taking a nap. Upon waking up, I was caught off guard by the unprofessionalism and protocol by one of the testers which caused frustration leading me to use some profanity I regret. However, I want to emphasise that at no point did I threaten, get in anyone’s face, raise my voice to anyone or engage in any form of assault.

“It’s unfortunate that false news has been spread without proper fact-checking. I want to assure you that I will vigorously defend myself against these baseless accusations. The truth is, the incident simply did not occur.”

Police from Bernalillo County in New Mexico later confirmed to MMA Fighting that Jones had not been arrested or detained.