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Jon Jones says he’s done with Israel Adesanya’s social media jabs, and won’t be responding to the middleweight champion until 2021 — the date Adesanya said he’d move up to 205 pounds.

Jones and Adesanya have had a continuous back and forth for some time now, with both acknowledging they’re likely to cross paths at some point. According to Adesanya, he foresees a clash happening in early 2021 at the new Raiders stadium in Las Vegas.

Today, however, Jones said he wouldn’t be drawn into any more war of words, writing on social media regarding Adesanya, “Statistically we’re nowhere on the same level, I’m going to start treating you that way. You get no more responses out of me until 2021, I’ll be interested to hear your excuse then.”

Jones also made sure to note he wasn’t feeling irritated by Adesanya’s constant jibes, just more he was over something that wasn’t coming to fruition.

“I’ve been seeing that same meme for like six years now,” he wrote. “These fighters can’t criticize my actual artwork so they attacked my personal life. The only thing that’s annoying is the lack of originality.”

In response? Adesanya kept it simple.