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SBG Ireland head coach John Kavanagh is none the wiser as to exactly when Conor McGregor will set foot on Octagon canvas once more.

Kavanagh, who was central to McGregor’s rise from regional cards in his native Ireland to becoming the UFC’s first-ever simultaneous two division champion, has grown his reputation in tandem with that of his student as his stable of fighters continues to make inroads in fight leagues across the globe.

None, though, come with quite the same intrigue as McGregor, whose return to the UFC from a serious leg injury sustained in the summer of 2021 remains unclear. McGregor, currently on the road promoting the upcoming release of his major feature film debut in ‘Road House,’ has been critical of the UFC’s “lack of transparency” as to his next bout having declared on several occasions that he is clear to accept a bout in the coming months.

And speaking to Ariel Helwani on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour, Kavanagh indicated that he has not heard any firm news on McGregor’s next fight.

“I won’t pretend to know the politics and what’s going on with legal stuff in the background. All I know is it seems odd that we’re not getting [any news],” he said.

“Like I said, I really am speaking from a position of ignorance, because I actually try to purposefully avoid all of that. Audie and the team, they do all that; they go back and forth with Hunter and the UFC team. But yeah, it’s weird to me for someone to be the star he is and not get more opportunities.

“Look, I’m going to meet him either this evening or certainly tomorrow for the movie, and trust me, that’s why I half-jokingly say to journalists: ‘You know as much as me.’

“They all think: ‘Go on, give me the inside scoop.’ I’m seeing the same clips pop up that you guys do. Conor’s travelling so much, and my head’s down so much with what’s happening day to day, I’m not really every day on to Conor: ‘Hey, what? I’ve seen an interview.’ He’ll come to me when the fight’s announced, but I will be asking him.”

McGregor has stated his desire to fight on several occasions in 2024. He is expected to take on Michael Chandler in his next outing; however details, such as the date, have yet to be confirmed by the UFC.