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Along with all the fans watching, Joe Rogan was stunned by Francis Ngannou’s victory over Cain Velasquez last sunday.

The UFC commentator hosted one of his fight companions to watch the heavyweight clash, witnessing Ngannou’s 26 second victory. And — like many other viewers — Rogan was left stunned by Ngannou’s rapid rise to the top of mixed martial arts, going as far as to label him the “scariest” competitor he’s ever seen in the Octagon.

“He’s so big, dude,” Rogan said. “He’s so big and so dangerous. He’s incredible. Cain is one of the best of all time, that’s how good Ngannou is. This is the scariest guy I’ve ever seen.”

“I’m telling you, dude, if that guy keeps learning, and it seems like he had a weird spot, but you know what I really like about that weird spot that he got into?” Rogan continued later on. “He was honest about it. He said, ‘I carried over fear from my last fight.’ A guy that can look at himself that honestly…”

“Francis is the scariest of all time. The thing about Francis is, he’s learning at this really rapid rate when you look at a guy that’s only been doing it for how many years now? 100 percent training, he’s been fighting for maybe five years. I think five years from the time he learned martial arts. Dude, he’s a movie character.”