Jarred Brooks passed out from puking so much following UFC 228 win

Jarred Brooks passed out from puking so much following UFC 228 win

Jarred Brooks won’t forget UFC 228 in a hurry.

By John Balfe - 10 Sep 2018

Ah, that glamorous world of professional prizefighting.

Jarred Brooks, who took a fight with Roberto Sanchez at just five days’ notice at UFC 228, made the most of his opportunity in Dallas on Saturday night, earning a split decision win to take his career record to 14-2.

However, his body let him know full well that he wasn’t in pristine fighting shape immediately after the bout, as he wound up puking his guts up into a BODYARMOR bucket in the dressing room, and then promptly passing out.

“I stood up and all of a sudden I just lost consciousness,” said to the media following his victory.

“I think it was from puking. I puked in like those big buckets that I gave you, those BODYARMOR buckets. I puked about half that bucket full and all of a sudden I got back up, and yeah I passed out. I got my big manager, he’s about 250 pounds, he lifted me over his head and to the doctor and that’s pretty much how it ended.

“I was just a little bit out of shape,” Brooks added. “When I’m in shape for a fight and I’m not slamming myself on my head, I come out and I look like a world champion. Tonight I didn’t, but I got the win and that’s all that matters. I get to renegotiate my contract and I get to get tougher fights. And I’m ready for those tougher fights and I’m ready to get in shape and fight whoever is in the flyweight division.”