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Israel Adesanya totally gets why Jon Jones doesn’t like him. Apparently, he’s his replacement.

At the UFC 243 media day, Adesanya was asked about his ability to irk Jones — stemming from an explosion Jones threw out on social media earlier this week where he said he’d make Adesanya his “bitch” — and he says it’s just like something you’d see on the playground.

“I’ve said it,” Adesanya said. “You know in High School when the freshman comes in and starts taking all the shine, the seniors like, ‘Who’s this mother fucker?’. This other skinny black kid that’s coming in and taking all the shine when he was the one who was doing that in the first place. Then he fucked himself up by fucking around and tarnishing his own legacy. I’m just doing me. I just have to keep doing me, and they can keep hating. All of them.”

And as for Jones’ comments about making Adesanya his bitch and so on?

“That’s what he has to say to like pump himself up,” Adesanya said. “He’s a legend, he’s already a living legend. But I’m on my way.”