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Nate Diaz hasn’t exactly been one of the most active fighters on the UFC roster but the Stockton man has signalled that he wants to get back in the cage sooner than later after suffering defeat to Leon Edwards in last Saturday night’s UFC 263 in Glendale, Arizona.

Diaz was mostly second-best to the surging Edwards, who extended his years-long undefeated streak at Diaz’s expense despite a late Diaz rally during which he had the UK fighter in serious trouble for the final 60 or so seconds of the fight.

Speaking to the media, including The Mac Life, afterwards, Diaz said that he was disappointed with the nature of the result but was able to take some positives from the performance.

“I got cut in training, that’s why we had to push the fight back for a month,” Diaz said. “I kind of lost all motivation to train and work out hard and all that, so I kind of just lingered around for a month to get ready for war like that.

“At the end of the day, I feel like he won or whatever, but I feel like I’m the better fighter still regardless, and I feel like the peak of the fight is what matters anyway in the end.

“No hate on Leon, congratulations to him and why would you fight anybody but the top guy if you’re going to fight at all,” added Diaz. “I wish it would’ve went my way, but it’s all good.

“Fight was a wrap. In a real fight in the real world, that’s a wrap. So, yeah. He was sleep-walking. I just kind of winged it. I was just kind of walking through that fight to get to the next opponent in this whole game. I didn’t feel like I was really in any danger.

“Of course, I got cut and that f*cking sucks, but I wasn’t motivated in training and I was just trying not to use any energy anywhere. Was just kind of in cruise control.”

Diaz, though, says that he is determined to get back in the Octagon in the coming months in a bid to correct the result of the Edwards fight and is resolved to add another ‘W’ to his career record.

“I want to fight in three or four months. I’m ready to get back in there. Just to heal up. If I was unscathed I would be back in next week,” he said. ” just wasn’t motivated to train anymore because I already put in the hard work for the next fight in Texas where it was supposed to be. It had to linger on for another f*cking month and it just sucked so I just rolled with the punches and did what I had to do to get here.”